Who We Are

Green Electric

NMI Infra emerged in 1995 with a vision to provide infrastructure facilities, to the telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka. Within a short space of time there after under the guidance of our chairman, we ventured into the LED bulb sector to go on and become the market leader today. We have also now ventured into the field of Electrical Engineering and renewable energy.


What We Do


The main area of our Mission of our Entity is to understand the diverse needs of our clients and offer reliable and green friendly range of products. In this aspect, our team of professional and dependable experts strive to attain optimum client satisfaction. They work with close co-ordination to each other, in order to complete all the requirements of different categories of industries. The wide range of lighting products produced smartly by us can be efficiently used for decoration purposes as per your own system. We take into account the diverse tastes and preferences of our clients and offer the most innovative range of Decorative Lighting Models .

Our Mission


Green Electric’s mission is to Introduce a quality, long lasting products with an attractive designs at an affordable prices to the nation. The Green Electric LED bulb gives consumers a reason to switch and we believe this breakthrough LED bulbs will motivate consumers to upgrade the billions of energy-wasting light bulbs installed in their homes to a green friendly product and upgrade their living standard to a pleasing environment by saving and also to find a long term solution to the future power and energy crisis.