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NMI Infra was founded in 1995 with the vision of providing infrastructure facilities to Sri Lanka’s telecommunications industry. Under the guidance of our chairman, we joined the LED bulb market subsequently and became the market leader. Thanks to our 26 years in the industry, we’ve recently expanded into the sectors of electrical engineering and renewable energy as well.

The introduction of Green Electric’s LED bulb product lines, which are eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable alternatives to conventional high-energy-consuming light bulbs, was motivated by a feasibility analysis of the current services that suggested switching out high-cost energy-saving bulbs with low-cost energy-saving bulbs may reduce customer high-cost billing.

We encourage and empower our people to learn new skills and reach the greatest productivity levels possible to meet their professional and personal goals. We make significant investments in ensuring a safer workplace for our employees, commencing with a strict environmental protection policy.

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What We Do

The main focus of our company’s mission is to understand the various needs of our customers and offer dependable, environmentally friendly product lines. In this regard, our qualified staff and trusted consultants strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction. They work closely together to meet the requirements of many industries.

We produce a wide range of lighting devices with sophistication, making them ideal for decorative purposes. We offer the most innovative decorative lighting models while taking into account each customer’s individual tastes and preferences.


Our Mission

Green Electric’s mission is to provide the nation with high-quality, durable products with appealing designs at affordable prices. The Green Electric LED bulb provides a compelling incentive for consumers to make this transition. We believe that these ground-breaking LED bulbs will inspire customers to replace the billions of energy-guzzling light bulbs in their homes with environmentally friendly alternatives. Additionally, people will enhance their quality of life and create a pleasant environment by practicing energy conservation, while coming up with a long-term solution to the up-coming power and energy crises.


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