The Country’s Leading Energy Saving LED Lights Provider

Green Electric is Sri Lanka’s leading LED lighting brand. We are a 100% Sri Lankan business and a subsidiary of NMI Infra, an ISO-certified Sri Lankan company.

Why Choose Green Electric for
Energy-Saving LED Bulbs?

Our mission is to assist the country’s efforts to conserve energy by offering a range of high-quality, reasonably priced, and energy-efficient products.

Our diversity of products are all distinguished by the following features:


The lifespan of an LED bulb is 10 times longer than that of a standard bulb, and LED lights also cost less to maintain and produce uniform illumination, resulting to an increase in consumer confidence in LED bulbs.


Compared to conventional lighting systems, LED lights are expected to be 80% to 90% more energy efficient, which will have a tremendous positive impact on the environment.


Conventional bulbs, like fluorescent lights, contain mercury, which pollutes the environment. However, there are no hazardous materials in the Green Electric LED lights & the LED materials are also recyclable.


LED lights are perfect for settings with heat-sensitive items and materials because they generate no heat and no UV light beams. This lowers the costs of air conditioning.


Even though many conventional lights are not appropriate for cold weathers the LED lights’ cold start capability enables it to accommodate all weather conditions including cool rooms.


An LED is designed to focus its light and may be directed to a specific area without using any external reflectors. Money is saved as a result, and this has never been done before.


LED lights immediately brighten upon activation, and they may be turned on and off repeatedly without reducing their lifespan or light intensity.


Our LED lights feature surge protection modules, which safeguard LED technology from damage caused by surges or lightning. Surge protection can withstand up to 2.5 kilovolts. Powerful surge modules prolong the life of LED luminaires and prevent damage. You can optimize your replacement rate while reducing expensive maintenance activities as a result.


Green Electric’s LED lights are all fully electromagnetically compliant. Our products will not cause any electromagnetic interference.

New Arrivals

LED Lighting Basics

In comparison to conventional light sources including incandescent or compact fluorescent lights, LED lighting products have a distinct useful life. This is due to the fact that LEDs rarely “burn out” or malfunction. The LED light market is anticipated to grow from $2 billion in early 2014 to $25 billion by 2023 as a result of this exceptional quality and low energy usage. And at Green Electric, we’re ready to meet Sri Lanka’s expanding need for LED lighting in the years to come.

Modern technologies of construction and interior
Interior of cinema auditorium.

Trends 2023

2023 is definitely an year where we are moving towards customized designs that are versatile which adds more character and personality to our products.

16 High Power
39 Eco Panel
4 LED Eco Bulb

Green Electric LED Bulbs for Residential and Commercial Properties:

Given all the benefits listed above, it is obvious that our LED bulbs are the best choice for both residential and commercial properties. Green Electric offers these cost-effective energy-saving options, enabling everyone to contribute to the country by being environmentally friendly and conserving energy.
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